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Sky Kingdom Profile


The profile is written to describe the holistic view of Ayah Pin’s ideology as a new founder for the God’s Covenant, which is, believe to be an important value of universal unity among all religions. It has brought many races together, living in peace and harmony in one village in the middle of the Islamic state of Malaysia.

Living there for several weeks has given me the insights of the true teachings, which has humanitarian values and equality in religious practice of each individual.

I had discovered an answer of many mysterious phenomenons, which many people may not aware of, and very important is the discovery of the Judgment Day and the God’s Covenant that many people has been awaiting for.


The objective of this profile is to highlight the freedom of religions and human rights of the world that believe in the existence of God.

The profile is written to seek support from all races to help preserve the holy land of Kampung Batu 13, Jerteh , Terengganu , Malaysia.


Ariffin Muhammad or more fondly known as Ayah Pin has several meanings of names; “Arif” is referring to Supreme, Intelligent or Equality and “Ayah” gives meaning of The Father , The Leader of us all. Ayah Pin who is the self-styled spiritual leader known to thousands of followers in Malaysia and internationally, has received revelations since he was a little boy..
Ayah Pin’s ideology has 80% contents on spiritual matter.

At age of 7 and 10, the holy angel, Gabriel, had visited him several times. However, he only took the task seriously when he was married at age 14 years old.
Ayah Pin has been brought up in the native village and never learns in school. He earns his living by collecting woods from the mountains nearby his house.
At his very young age, his has gone for meditation at the nearby mountains for several days and weeks and came back to his house with several woods collection.
Ayah Pin received continuous revelation at age of 16 years old and it has given him an impact to his life.
Ayah Pin started his soul practices with chanting and praying. He follows several friends including Tok Ayah Hassan (one of the deviants leader) to meditate in many caves and mountains. During his exploration to discover the beauty of Islamic rituals, he has received continuous visions and revelations. "When I was 10 years old, I found myself to be dead for 40 days and was sent to the sky world. Since then, it's a long story and the details don't matter, but I've been dead 17 times and each time have come back to save the lives of all people, of any religion," says Ayah Pin – reported by the StarOnline.

When he was at age of 25 years old, he found himself having 70% soul travels in a day. He earns minimum of 20 visions a day. It was said that, during his journey exploring the other world, he had discovered the God’s covenant of the humanitarian laws and judgmental processes. Most of his journeys have exposed him to the mystical places and legendaries people of the world.
Sometimes he ate less than a bowl of rice in a month and fasting in most of the days. He had been exploring into different world dimension and learnt different concept of human living and human right’s laws in religions.

Ayah Pin has neither “religious look” nor wearing “religious attire”. His outlook is fit, simple and yet mysterious. It is quite difficult to predict his behavior as he has good psychological observation towards people’s behavior and reaction.

His language is very difficult to understand as that proofed he has never learnt in school. Not many people could easily receive his teachings as he speaks only one language of his own traditional dialect.
While he is very unusual and unpredictable man, he could still attract many visitors of different races and cultures to seek for his advise and to listen to his talks.
Ayah Pin is considered a very talented self-styled spiritual leader who has idealistic concept of unity and equality in all religions. He has been brave to stand out in the middle of the Islamic crowd and hold his new ideology of many paths one god, many names one God and one sky kingdom for all religions.



Kampung Batu 13 lies in a remote corner of Terengganu that borders Kelantan, and a bus ride to Kota Bharu takes less than 90 minutes from the nearest town of Jerteh, about 20km from the village.
The village has about 30 houses built by the followers who are living on the 6-acre land. The landowner is Che Minah, Ayah Pin’s wife who is now 64 years old.

The land status was an agriculture land, which was previously covered with bushes and rubber trees plantation 10 years ago. Some of the land area was cleared in 1997 where the villagers decided to build some houses for living. The first structure built was a small well used to supply clean water for the villagers.

In this village lies the earthly ‘Spiritual Headquarters’ of Ariffin Muhammad. The village itself is supposed to be a replica of what people calls the Sky Kingdom (the heavenly abode). The followers’ claims that the blueprint for the buildings came from the Sky Kingdom. It is aimed at promoting universal unity. The teapot signifies the purity of water and its medicinal values. It is associated with all major religions, Nearby is the Umbrella, a tall orange structure adorned with a bright yellow canopy.

The giant structures are linked by walkways of polished tiles, interspersed with Roman pillars, balustrades, wood and plaster carving lining the twists and turns of the path leading from one to another.
To many Ayah Pin’s saintly claims and his strange structures may border an absurdity but to his band of followers, he is nothing short of divine miracle.The umbrella is a place for people to take shelter beneath God and it can also be associated with the nine planets in Hinduism.


Ayah Pin has about 10,000 followers in Malaysia and 3000 followers internationally.
Among all, in average of 1000 followers will be coming every weekend for group gathering at the village. Among Ayah Pin’s strong influences are the universal unity of the different religions and his superb spiritual knowledge on spiritual laws and the Kingdom of God.

The uniqueness has brought many people together to love each other, living in peace, communicating the same language of Beliefs and God’s Kingdom. Teach the people to view things in broader scope. No more fanatic human behaviors such as envy of other religion, fight to convert people or proud of own religion.

From my observation, the followers are mostly among the professionals, arts background and people with some religious foundation. Many of them can be considered as people with open paradigm who can accept new ideology and perception towards spiritual beliefs.
The group has no fanatic value towards religion and willing to tolerate to discover more about what they have embraced in. They are open to find more similarities in major world religions than differences. They have learnt to discover about different way of praising God and different ritual practices in search of God.

The best scenario to describe the openness of the group is when four of the group members had declared apostasy. It has given Malaysian a deep thought of Freedom in Religion the government has never dealt before. Two of them were the religious teachers who have tertiary education in Islamic teachings from University of Al-Azhar, Messier.
This was very chaotic to know how the religious teacher could renounce Islam while still be living in the middle of Islamic state and had been jailed for their declaration.
The four made headlines in the late 1990s when they renounced Islam through a statutory declaration. They finished serving between two and three years imprisonment in late 2002 for contempt of court.

Lawyers for the four members who lost their appeal in the Federal Court are studying the possibility of filing for a review of the decision. According to Haris (the lawyer), they were disappointed after having waited so long for the decision. “It is shocking that the court has failed to clarify the law on renunciation of religion ... the law remains uncertain as it stands. In light of this, we will have to file other cases which are awaiting similar judicial direction,” he said. In this landmark case, the appellants had sought the Federal Court to consider if an adult Muslim is entitled to renounce Islam under Article 11 of the Federal Constitution guaranteeing freedom of religion to every citizen. The court was also asked to declare void any restrictive law or one that fettered the right of an adult Muslim to renounce Islam.

As conclusion in Malaysia, anyone trying to leave Islam faces loss of inheritance, family support and work, and banishment to a legal limbo where the religious label on one's identity card becomes a life-defining fact

Religion and Political Violence

Religious roots of terrorism?

I would argue that we are unable understand religions relationship to terrorism until we understand the relationship between political violence and religion.

Terrorism is a form of political violence. I define terrorism as the use of political violence to achieve certain psychological and political objectives primarily among civilian populations. As has been repeated many times before, ones attitude to terrorism depends on ‘where you stand’ when an act of political violence occurs (underneath the world trade center/ underneath a detonated cluster bomb).

The association of any religion with the universal promise of peace and harmony forms part of the mythology of faith. In fact, all major faiths have been embroiled in political violence associated with sectional (class, caste) and/or national or imperial interests. In other words, religions are used to justify political violence or more occasions and religions advocacy of ‘peace and harmony’.

We are most aware of those terrorist actions that have been given most prominence in the media, and Islamic groups primarily carry these out. We should remember that certain forms of terrorism, such as targeted assassinations, bombings, and the bulldozing of entire neighborhoods are redefined in the media as justified military actions. We should also remember that such forms of terrorism, as the indiscriminate detonation of explosive devices among civilians is not a monopoly of one religious faith

Thursday, August 25, 2005

International Visitors - to discover Sky Kingdom

Peacefull Village - The Sky Kingdom

Injustices in Malaysia should be addressed today!!

: Jihad ideology is a threat to the peace and human rights of non-Muslims as well as Muslims worldwide. If it is not confronted and resisted, it will prevail.
ROBERT SPENCER, the director of Jihad Watch

I am no fan at all of the Talibans and similar extremist organisations but what I want to highlight here that some people may consider the statues or holy structures as a work of art but the Talibans found it offensive.

The action by our Malaysia authorities with regard to the Sky Kingdom commune however, is downright arrogant and draconian and a blatant violation of basic human rights. The world will REMEMBER the Taliban for this action of theirs. History has already recorded their action, and the sin committed against humanity.

The people in Terengganu who initiated this destruction of Sky Kingdom have showed to the world how insecure they are. The empty Sky Kingdom commune in Besut will be a reminder to us in Malaysia.
It is a crying shame that some can be threatened by a few concrete structures.

They may have destroyed the giant replicas of a teapot, umbrella and various other marble-and-concrete structures which were merely that - structures.
But to the world, they have created an incident that's comparable to the one involving the Talilban and the Bamiyan Buddhas.
If beliefs are that strong, they should not be threatened by structures erected by those of other beliefs. Let the injustices in Malaysia be addressed today!!

Malaysia Human Rights - Say Sorry...

The Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (Suhakam) today apologised to a group of Ayah Pin’s followers, a day after the watchdog body was accused of being prejudiced. “The commission would like to apologise to those among Ayah Pin’s followers who had come to our office but were made to feel unwelcome,” said Suhakam complaints and public inquiry working group chairperson Prof Mohd Hamdan Adnan. Speaking from Suhakam’s Kuching office, he said it was ‘most unfortunate’ the incident had occurred. “We’re really sorry that our officers had given the complainants the impression that Suhakam is prejudiced against them for being part of Ayah Pin’s group. I will advise our officers to treat complainants with more respect and not be too opinionated. They must stick to the facts at hand.” Asked if he knew who the officers concerned were, he said he would get to the bottom of the matter when he returns to Kuala Lumpur later in the week. The group, mostly based in Kuala Lumpur, had on July 27 filed formal complaints with Suhakam against Terengganu authorities for alleged human rights violations including unlawful arrests and detention.

They wanted a public inquiry and appealed for protection from further harassment. ‘Complaints welcomed’ Prior to that, on July 12, a group of 21 Ayah Pin followers detained by the state religious affairs department had filed similar complaints with nine federal, legal and human rights bodies requesting an immediate probe. There has been no response from these organisations to date.

Yesterday, several of the complainants who turned up at the Suhakam office were upset by what they claimed were ‘veiled prejudices’ of Suhakam staff. They said they were being pre-judged based on their links to Ayah Pin or Ariffin Mohammad, a 65 year-old who was declared a Muslim deviant in 1997.Hamdan denied that Suhakam was indifferent to their plight. “Before we can make any decision (on whether to conduct a public inquiry), we need to ascertain the facts in the complaints first,” he said. “We spent at least 30 minutes on the issue during the commission meeting on Monday, and that is a lot of time for a particular matter. “The fact that we have invited them (complainants) to give further details shows that we are taking their complaints seriously.” He said Suhakam always welcomed complaints on human rights infringements. “It is our function to prevent human rights abuses,” he said .

Fatwa violation charge The Ayah Pin followers had also furnished photographs and personal accounts of their arrest, detention and the subsequent demolition of buildings and structures at their commune dubbed as the ‘Sky Kingdom’. A Terengganu fatwa prohibits Muslims from any involvement with Ayah Pin, at the risk of syariah criminal action. Forty-five villagers from Kampung Batu 13, Hulu Besut, where Ariffin lived, are currently awaiting criminal trial by the Kuala Terengganu Syariah High Court on the charge of insulting the religious authorities by violating the fatwa.

Malaysia.....STOP harrasing Ayah Pin!!

What happened at Batu 13 in Jerteh, Terenggenu, (theshocking violation and the on-going vendetta againstlaw-abiding and deeply spiritually committed people),is just one more example of the massive dysfunction inso-called Islam today.Having been, at a period in my life where I have avery profound and deep level of communication withGod, caught up in the entire fiasco, understand completely why the leader of Batu 13’s Sky Kingdom,renounced Islam.

Islam today is in complete chaos. Ithas branched (deviated) into scores of factions, allso convinced their way is the right and only way, theyare not only killing other believers, but theirIslamic brethren.What happened to the word of Mohammad? What happened to those glorious days of Islam? Why, out of eightdifferent countries in which I have spent a period ofmore than two months, did I face, in only two of them(Indonesia and Malaysia – both predominantly Islam) onan almost daily basis, exploitation, lying, stealing,cheating and sexual harassment? And this abhorrent behavior, without exception was perpetuated by apopulation who so proudly call themselves Moslems.What is there to be so proud about?

With such examples of a complete failure to promoote decent standards ofbehaviour within thier numbers, by what, or on whoseauthority have Islamic leaders felt compelled to setup disciplinary bodies to meter out punishments tothose who don’t conform to their laws?
I suggest the authority comes not from God, but fromSatan himself. Hatred, intolerance, violence anddestruction are Satan’s methods for controlling thehuman race. His workers often work in darkness, come,masked, armed with weapons; to desecrate, pillage,burn, destroy and kill. Or, so convinced by theiregotistical surety of their purpose, their need to control, they come to act out their own brutality,anger and confusion, ‘lawfully’ dressed in uniforms. I ask again, what makes these authorities so proud,and so arrogant. If Islam could boast such great leaders as Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King andNelson Mandela or philanthropists such as the DalaiLama, Mother Teresa, Abraham Lincoln, or produce suchworthwhile organizations as Amnesty International,UNESCO, Save The Children, Red Cross, The SalvationArmy, or Greenpeace, then it might be forgiven forcautioning their band (and only those) who belittled our Creator or behaved cruelly to their fellow man.However as long as Islam can only present to theworld such memorable figures as Saddam Hussein, OsamaBin Laden and President Soeharto and can lay no claimto the instigation of such organizations promotingpeace, harmony and well-being, I, one more, who oncecalled herself Islam soundly denounce this nowshameful faith. The very name Islam brings me shame. I will never denounce Allah (the name is just as dear to me as God)nor will I ever denounce Mohammad. His word, his codefor living was perfect. But in seven years of livingwith Moslems, witnessing and being personally avictim, at their hands of the most self-centered andself-indulgent people I have ever co-habited with, andnow (having being incarcerated for the ‘wrong style ofprayer’) experienced an even greater violation of therights non Islamic countries afford every individual,the right, in matters pertaining to God and the humanheart to freedom, I say Moslems shame not onlyMohammad, but God Himself – I believe Islam is now more the cursed race, than the blessed.

God does not count how often we wash and bow down toHim. He never asked us to. He asked us to care for our fellowman – to love each and everyone to care for oneanother as we would care for ourselves. He asked thatwe take care of our heritage, the earth and all livingcreatures. He asked us to serve, and through everymessenger He sent, He gave the message, that by loving and serving others, (even our enemies) then we serveand honor Him. A case in point has convinced me, that despite theoutward bravado shown by disciplinary bodies under the shield of Shariah (sp) law, (such as acted out in thecase of Ayah Pin and his followers), deep in their hearts, they are ashamed. Why would I make such a bold statement?

Consider this.I was the only westerner caught up in this particular case. At the time, I too was Islam. I stated this toboth the civil and JHEAT police. It was recorded. But my involvement had attracted world-wide attention. Why was a western woman being detained by religious authorities in Malaysia. The court got wind of this.To suddenly find the eyes of the world turned on theirpower game made them obviously un-comfortable. I’d requested my NZ embassy be contacted. Totally bewildered as to what crime I had committed, I requested an English speaking lawyer. In my opinion,this was all too much for them, better to have me outof their hair. The judge spoke. ‘This court is unsure as to your realfaith.’ (Why I might ask? I had stated that in 1999,on marrying an Islamic Indonesian I had converted(from Christianity), and that by law I was in factIslam. ‘We wish to give you another chance,’ the judge said.I registered surprise. ‘Give me another chance, what chance?’ I thought, ‘to lie in order to save my own skin?’ I waited.‘Are you in fact Islam, or Christian?’ The judge asked. In view of the facts, I didn’t have to deliberate. ‘I am, deep in my heart, still aChristian,’ I answered, knowing at that moment I would surely revert.That is all it took to secure my freedom. Mine alone.‘This court finds you to be a Christian,’ said thejudge and then with an apologetic smile added, ‘I apologize for any mistreatment you may have suffered.We thought, at the time, you were Islam.’Mis-treatment? – Think about that one. Thought I was Islam? I was!Everyone else in that court was as I, (at the time)Islam, and too had chosen their own way, (bymeditation – by their own efforts), to deepen theircommitment to God. They too, communicated with God astheir hearts – genuinely desiring to know Him -dictated. But many are still in jail, awaiting, as with those released on bale, awaiting trial – facingup to two years in prison.

At tremendous expense to the Malaysian tax-payer, the witch hunt for Ayah Pin, a man who should be honored for his work towards peace and harmony in the world,his exhortations to return to the truth, (the originallaws as presented by all the prophets), goes on. His beautiful prayer site (a truly sacred place – the onlyplace in which I felt respite, completely free fromthe constant harassment and exploitation I’d suffered,the place where I felt the closest I had ever felt to God – a place worth millions of dollars, all donatedby those who truly know Ayah Pin, has been completely obliterated.
Wake up Malaysia! The arrogant and ignorant victimized Mohammad, Gandhi,and Mendela. They killed Jesus, Lincoln and MartinLuther King. Do you imagine even in the most deluded of states, the authorities and masses, all those who victimized these greatest of men, earned many amal(points) with Allah!

If you can’t honor, protect and take care of someone you should feel honored to have in your midst, then may some more enlightened country, (nations who honor freedom, who honor men such as Ayah Pin, citizens ofany country who are honest, peace-loving, devout,totally committed and extremely courageous), may someother nation offer him amnesty. So help me God.